Skilled Nursing

RHF Bishop's Glen lobby with elegant furnishings

Skilled nursing is needed when you or your loved one requires a licensed nurse to manage, observe, or evaluate your care. Bishop’s Glen Healthcare Center provides 24-hour skilled care to those requiring short-term rehabilitation or long-term care. Our nurses are compassionate and well-trained, and they truly care about each resident.

Our Healthcare Center offers the following:

  • Individual care plans for each resident as prescribed by their personal physician
  • Care supervised by well-trained experienced registered nurses
  • Certified by Medicare and Medicaid physical, speech, occupational and IV therapy are available when ordered by a physician
  • Three delicious, well-balanced meals and snacks are provided daily.
  • Social, physical, and mentally stimulating activities are provided daily
  • Private and semi-private rooms are available

To ensure each resident receives the care they need, we provide:

  • IV therapy
  • Wound care
  • Respite Stays
  • Enteral feeding program
  • Catheter care
  • Colostomy Care
  • Ileostomy Care
  • Nutrition & hydration programs
  • Medication management & education
  • Diabetic management & education
  • Restorative nursing
  • Pain management
  • Hospice program
  • Bowel & bladder programs
  • Psychologist Services
  • On staff registered dietitian
  • On-site dental care
  • Podiatrist on staff
  • Wound care physician on staff
  • Laboratory testing and X-rays
  • Transportation services

Social Services

Our social services team seeks to help each resident attain their highest practicable physical, mental, emotional, and psychosocial health. We are aware of the worth and uniqueness of each individual, and we treat each resident with respect.

Our social services team creates an atmosphere of growth for our residents, and we spend a great deal of time working with both residents and their families in difficult transitional periods.

We also foster a supportive environment for the residents. We do this by ensuring each resident has adequate decision-making opportunities, providing tours for potential residents and families, assessing psychosocial health, and guiding each care plan.

Sub-Acute Care

 We understand that some residents will come to us with injuries, illnesses, and diseases that need more intensive care. At Bishop’s Glen Healthcare Center we offer goal-oriented sub-acute care for those recently released from a hospital.

Our sub-acute care unit merges the sophisticated technology of a hospital with the home-like environment and gentleness of our skilled nursing community. Our goal is to help your loved ones achieve their highest level of independence.

We use an interdisciplinary approach to formulate goal-oriented plans of care for each resident in our sub-acute care unit. Our sub-acute care team is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for recuperation, and we aim to help residents avoid unnecessary hospital stays.

Diabetes Management

Our nurses work with residents to take control of their diabetes. They help monitor blood glucose levels, administer and track insulin, plan menus, and provide education. Our hope is that our residents will leave us with better control over their diabetes care.

Dietary Program

Our registered dietician designs our dietary program with the residents in mind. We follow physician orders to meet the needs of each resident while making sure the meals are enjoyable and full of flavor. We also administer oral supplements, as prescribed by physicians, and provide regular nutritional assessments by our on-site registered dietician.